Smart Scan

(a covid19 response program)


Smart Scan was our response to an increasing number requests from our customers to deliver a solution to keep their work place, school, gym and place of worship Safe, Clean and Healthy.

Sold, Shipped and Supported in the USA.

Units are available for Lease and Purchase.

Call now for a free Demo at your location 321-446-8888

Our Smart Scan has been real word deployed and in use in medical, educational, transit and government facilities. This device will allow you to save time and money by letting the artificial intelligence program to detect anomalies in a persons temperature and allows you and your staff to stay a safe distance and clear of any potential contamination. The Smart Scan will also Identify if the subject is wearing a mask. If the subject is not in compliance with your mask policy, the Smart Scan will politely ask the subject to wear a mask before proceeding. This will take the pressure off of your staff to ask people to please put on a face covering or mask.

To inquire about a free demo please give is a call or fill out an information request form on our contact page.

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