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So you want to know about us?

  Well the Long and The Short of it all is that Hybrid Networks is a privately held company. Once traded under (HYBR) on Nasdaq in 1997 with its first IPO. Since then, Hybrid Networks Inc. has reorganized and under new ownership in 2010. 

Specializing in High Speed Broadband, 4G and 5G CPE equipment, and Structured cabling.

   Hybrid Networks, Inc. is a broadband access equipment company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets cable and wireless systems that provide high speed access to the Internet and corporate intranets for both businesses and consumers. The Company's products remove the bottleneck over the "last mile" connection to the end-user which causes slow response time for those accessing bandwidth-intensive information over the Internet or corporate intranets.


   The Company's customers consist primarily of cable system operators, broadband wireless system operators, ISPs and other companies that provide broadband networking systems or services to business and residential users. Hybrid's 4G & 5G CPE Equipment product line consists of secure head-end routers, modems, access points, cable or wireless modems and management software for use with either Fiber Optic or wireless transmission facilities.


   Because the substantial majority of fiber and wireless transmission facilities are not capable of two-way transmissions, the 4G & 5G CPE Equipment has been designed to utilize a variety of return paths, including the public switched telephone network. The 4G & 5G CPE system also features a router to provide corporate telecommuters and others in remote locations secure access to their files on the corporate intranet. The 4G & 5G CPE is capable of supporting a combination of speeds, media and protocols in a single cable or wireless system, providing system operators with flexible, scalable and upgradeable solutions that allow them to offer cost-effective broadband access to their subscribers at premier speeds with military grade security.

   Hybrid Networks has its roots in structured cabling for inside plant and outside plant infrastructure. Replacing, modifying, upgrading, installing all forms of Fiber Optic Cabling and Traditional Copper Cabling. 

   While not just surviving the crash and meltdown of 2008 Hybrid Networks strategically placed itself to gain momentum during the crises by taking on a new division within its ranks. As we were already in a fantastic position to gain more market share in the communications field, we opened the field services division. Our Field Services division took on the daunting challenge to approach any commercial, financial, government, or military customer to offer them our FLEX TECH ™  services. 

   FLEX TECH ™ is our unique approach to solve the shortage of onsite IT staff, C.T.O.'s, and, support teams, with on demand field support techs. These mobile field techs are certified and authorized to repair, maintain, install, and service various types of communications equipment including but not limited to access points, POTS Lines, Telephone Key Systems, PBX Phone Systems, VoIP Systems, Structured cabling, Scales, Weights and Measure Devices, Switches, Servers, Point of Sale Systems. and many more to list. 

   Hybrid Networks is also affiliated with;

UpLink LLC, Hybrid Networks Tech Group, and HN Cell Connect LLC

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