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Stay up to date and HIPPA Compliant all under One Roof

We offer a variety of dental IT services on a monthly contract basis. To allow you to customize the services to fit your business, we offer a menu-type option which allows you to pick and choose the services relevant to you. Please contact us at any time to discuss options, or any questions you might have

Medical IT Remote Services

Medical offices often use a non-remote IT team. Since the work of a dental team is very fluid with little downtime it is important to make use of your time. Having someone who physically comes in to troubleshoot issues means there is less involvement with the team to “manage” the problem with the tech. This can cause issues for a tech to get to the problem in a timely manner.

With our remote team we can problem solve quickly since we have a team of dental specific techs. With a remote Tech there is no time waiting on someone to travel to the office which will save you valuable time and money.

Personalized Customer Care Anytime You Need It

An advantage of a dedicated IT team is to be there anytime you need support. Whether you need on-site or remote care – we can help. We even have an online remote support and collaboration portal dedicated to helping with any technical needs.

Secure Backups and Data Passing HIPAA Standards

We have done the due diligence where our online backup system runs day and night and ensures your data with encryption. Our backup system passes the newest HIPAA standards with a 151 point checklist to make sure your data can never be lost or stolen. Most practice management software houses the patient information which requires separate support. When outside or remote IT support is needed, the software is put into HIPAA viewing mode to ensure secure data.

Quick Response Times & Budget Friendly

We can respond to any IT needs quickly should there be a technical issue. You won’t spend precious time on hold waiting for someone to help you since we are staffed to support you. Should you need someone on-site we can also support those needs. 

Avoid Technology Problems That Can Cripple Your Practice

When updates are taking place within the PMS software, or equipment software, there are often a lot of challenges that can occur. It is important to have remote and onsite support to provide a seamless outcome when these important updates are taking place or critical data may not be accessible. Our techs can prevent downtime, respond quickly to system failures and save your practice time and money.

Secure Email and Internet Access Included

Hybrid Networks can also include email hosting. We can also help turn your business into a Facebook Wi-Fi hotspot where customers can connect, check-in and be on Wi-Fi for free. This can help boost marketing efforts and increase revenue as well.

Prevention is Best for Your IT Budget

Budgets are monitored very closely in medical practices. Overhead targets including IT support are a big focus for doctors. The most efficient and equitable way to provide support for their teams and practices is for your IT account manager to be proactive and prevent any issues using our A.I. proven software and hardware Technology. Advancements and updates are constantly happening which include equipment that requires monitoring and updating. Server maintenance and planning can save your practice a lot of money since many practices will need to upgrade equipment often. The investment in new software and technologies can easily help keep a practice ahead of the competition. We are here to provide that ongoing support to include moving you to the cloud.

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