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What is a MSP?

   In the IT world where we are concerned, an MSP refers to an IT Support company that coordinates and runs (manages) all or part of a business’ IT systems and networks. Managed Service Providers remotely manage the company’s systems and IT assets at their customers’ premises or at a data center, which is normally operated by a third party. The variety of services MSPs provide can range from the monitoring of your IT network to being responsible for all repairs, updates and patches, as well as providing new software, hardware, infrastructure, cloud services, and staff resources.

Why do you want one?

   In general the MSP provides outsourced IT services for companies in an effort to make their IT more effective and efficient, so that companies can focus their efforts on their core operations. MSPs also serve as important partners to their clients as they enable them to reap the benefits of the latest technology without researching it and purchasing it themselves. In addition, companies can utilize the expertise of their MSP to better strategize the most effective use of IT to meet their business objectives.


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